Thursday, 25 May 2017



Finding a quiet place....
Putting on some relaxing music...
Becoming still... 
 Observing your thoughts...
Enjoying your moment of peace for all that it is...
And connecting with your source and higher self....


I desperately needed an outlet!
When I first started meditating I had NO CLUE what I was doing!
I sat on my bedroom floor, closed my eyes and sat in silence, my thoughts viciously started to bombard my brain, I could hear them louder than ever before - it was actually very scary!
From what I had seen and read about meditation it was all about being still and clearing your thoughts - Something I was finding very difficult to do indeed...
After 2 mins in I decide to quit meditating, it clearly wasn't for me!
A couple days went by and meditation was like a distant memory but books have always given me great joy so I brought myself The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle it was after reading this book I realized in order to have a better experience meditating you need to practice!
Your first-time meditating will properly be and feel like an epic fail (It's ok) with daily practice it gets better...

After 2 years of practicing meditation, it has become a daily ritual for me - along with praying if I don't meditate at least once in the day I feel awfully unsettled. Meditating has completely changed my life and well-being and I'm so grateful for the delightful experince I get everytime I sit on my yoga mat and close my eyes.


Better Sleep 
I use to suffer from terrible insomnia, I now enjoy 8 hours of sleep every night - Bliss 

Concentration has improved 
With being dyslexic my attention span is very poor. However, meditation has really helped to improve my concentration especially with things I need to know but have no interest in.

A beautiful connection with your higher self 
On a  day to day, we are often lead by our egos, our job titles, the clothes we wear, our nationalities or status, through meditation I found out in actual fact I am none of the theses things but so much more. You can only connect with your higher self when the mind is silent.
It's an extremely undescribable, peaceful, and tranquil experience.

Lessens worry, anxiety, depression and stress 
This is partly the reason why My Spiritual Journey started, I was super depressed and needed a positive outlet. I worry less, my anxiety I want to say has disappeared and every day the strong hold depression had on me loosens.

Like I said in my My Spiritual Journey post I was nothing like how I am today and everything on this spiritual journey took great patience, practice, and faith.

I wish you well.. Love and Light...
If you have any questions whatever you can email me or send me a tweet  @itsherpersona


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I thought spirituality was about, bald monks in orange robes meditating in small groups somewhere in Thailand....

I've always admired, been extremely fascinated and maybe even a little envious of how calm and cool monks were. 
How could I possibly fit in with them?  I certainly didn't have the "the look" nor did I believe I had the right to explore my spirituality....Well, I'm a little crazy, energetic, flamboyant and sometimes even a little outrageous, monks don't act or look like me! yet to my frustration, I've always felt that there's was much more to me than just that....

Starting my spiritual journey wasn't about being "On-trend" "Hip" or "Cool" I understand getting into anything with that sort of mentally doesn't benefit you in the long run. I was just extremely curious! I would hear people I admire like Tony Ribbons, Oprah, Marie Forleo and Gabrielle Bernstein talk about spirituality, meditation and yoga and how much it had helped them get through difficult situations in their lives, well at the time I was going through deep depression and prayer alone just wasn't helping... I wanted to know who I really was...
Because I knew I was stronger and better than this! 

Material things, boys, drama, gossip and popularity didn't satisfy me like it once did! At the time I felt like I had lost everything I thought I had wanted and was... I thirsty for the unknown!
My Ex-boyfriend had started his spiritual journey a little before me and kept encouraging me to explore what my heart had been calling me to do for years... So I did!  I remember going to a spiritual shop in Covent Graden buying some crystals and a book called Wings of Soul by Dadi Janki  I indulged deeply and finished the book within a week!  

 It was then I knew I had made one of the best decisions of my life!
If you've been thinking about starting your spiritual journey or are even a little curious I would like to encourage you too...But here are some things to remember before starting....

The beginning is always the hardest. 
...Hang in there things get easier as time passes. 

Everyone's journey is experienced differently.
...Don't compare your journey to mine or anyone else's.
You may get super emotional. 
...You start to connect with emotions you never thought you had it's natural, embrace it! 

You'll naturally become aware of things quicker than before.
...This is something that scared me at first, your brain will recognise things much quirkier than it did before,  in most situations, it was a saving grace!

You'll sense a pulling force pulling you towards positivity, love kindness, peace and power. 
...No, you're not getting soft or being weak, you're just realising we are all one in the same. 

You'll feel lonely.
...Many people will think you're going crazy or just a tad bit weird now NO! your evolving into your better version (Let them judge, they be befriending you asking you to teach them in a couple years from now) 

You'll start researching and exploring everything for a better understanding. 
...Google, Books and interesting people will become your new best friends, you'll want to know the (whys and the hows) to everything, and that's natural. 

You'll start doing things you thought you would never do. 
...Uno that thing you said you'd never do? remember that project you thought you didn't have the confidence to do, starting your spiritual journey will make you take leaps of faith you never thought you would. 

You'll have a feeling of inner calmness.
...And that's the best feeling ever! 

I'm far from a spiritual guru I've only been on my journey for 2 years however I do want to use my platform to inform, inspire and help others on the same journey...

If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them in the comment or you can tweet me @itsherpersona 

Love and Light 


Friday, 28 April 2017


This year I've really enjoyed blogging more than ever before...I've descided to actually post images final edits from my photoshoots and also share something I've learning from shooting.
I normally come up with all the concepts, create a mood-board and creative direct majority of my photoshoots for Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have the guidance, support and some input from the photographer I'm shooting with, this is the most enjoyable part for me, I really enjoy working with others and breathing life into a idea or look which was once only a thought. has been one of my saving graces, I love creating! 


 Alisha White (ItsherPersona) 

I'm Wearing 

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Paul Smith 

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Alisha White (Itsherpersona)


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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Forming true authentic "relationships" with people of today have become harder than ever before, especially with my spiritual awakening. It sometimes seems like no matter how nice, sincere and supportive you are to an individual unfortunately because they are not used to such treatment they can easily think you are "too good to be true" and take you for granted.
With being on this beautiful spiritual journey a huge amount of my friendships and personal relationships have broken down, sometimes I perceive things inadequately or rather, the way I perceive them does not correspond to the way others see it, for this reason, I often alienated myself and tend not to form friendships and relationships with people.

Lately, I've been sick of individuals who only holler when it conveniently suits them...
"Friends" that constantly talk about how busy they are and make endless poor excuses as to why they didn't reply to text messages, yet have time to be on social media posting their WCW or MCM
  - It's ridiculous 

I admire the forming of strong relationships and bonds and that's why when I create my own I cherish them especially if it feels real to me.  We all desire relationships that bring us a great deal of happiness, love and understanding. 

I've made very poor decisions when it comes to "relationships" However from this day forward I have decided to make more of a conscious effort to choose the bonds I form more wisely.  For this to happen I definitely need to connect more closely to the higher source, trust my gut instinct more and be a lot more positive when it comes to friendships and relationships. 

If you know what you bring to the table you will NEVER be afraid to eat a 3-course meal on your own - I've done this may times before in real life!  Don't be an absolute DICKHEAD being used, abused, picked up and dropped off whenever an individual sees fit... YOU ARE NOT A TOY!
Stop allowing "loyalty" to make you look stupid! You can only identify who's worthy and right for you if your inner conscious is alert and if you feel the same serenity inside in every thick and thin circumstance. It's been a long time since I've had to pop off on someone, I understand that that side of me is part of me BUT it's not my highest form 💁🏾 so I'll always choose happiness and of course my highest form. 

Don't let your peace be controlled by the selfishness and carelessness of others, we are all learning from one another however that does not mean we have to be a subject to anyone's nonsense,  we are allowed to decline, block and distance ourselves from anything that no longer serves us. 

Continue to be Peace 

Continue to be Light 

Continue to me Love 

No matter how much people upset, anger or disappoint you. 

Love and Light

Monday, 10 April 2017


Have you ever felt like your running fast standing still....? 

That's how I've been feeling as of lately, the year is just flying past and although I've accomplished all my goals for the first quarter of the year, I still feel like I haven't done enough.... As I result I've been feeling so f**king shitty and haven't meditated or prayed in a while...

 I'm distracted by my fears and extremely distant from my source so as a result l very valuable. EVERY TIME I feel this way it always steams back to reason. 

But this is the funny thing....
As much as I feel distracted and a little distance I feel so supported and loved...(I'm grateful) 
I don't know who needs to hear this today but this is a message I received whilst meditating this afternoon... 

....Don't be too hard on yourself...
Every day do at least one thing that will improve the quality of your tomorrow and if you don't (that's ok too) tomorrow isn't even here yet. 

Don't worry too much about the future either.... your missing the excitement, joy and opportunity of Today of NOW. Stay close to your source, in fact stay close to anything that brings you pure happiness but release attachment... 

Don't worry about what was or what might be... 
All success is produced through God and only him, everything and everyone is an instrument to his orchestra.... Enjoy the melody of Today...

Love and Light

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Monday, 6 March 2017


Never in a million years did I think I could and would suffer with depression!
 I always thought depression only effected weak minded, timid individuals, and to me I didn't fit in either category... 
I was always such a free spirited, strong minded, flamboyant and extremely confident person... 
However during my depression I noticed my confidence slowly vanishing, I  spent less time around people,  I become more and more anxious and my emotions were always very high .... 
I believe my depression started in 2010 and lasted around 5 years. It all started after I finished filming Britain's Next Top, I came second in the competition which was a huge accomplishment (especially for a girl from South London) however after the excitement, hype and energy vampires I felt completely lost, robbed and deflated, with absolutely no support or aftercare from the show and of course being so young at the time my spirit slowly started to deteriorate.... 

I never thought something you loved so much would hurt this bad!
I felt as if my dream had been pulled right from under me...
I felt betrayed, used and exteremly exposed....
Over and over I taunted myself with unanswered questions and terrible thoughts all of which were suffocating me to death. 

I was angry!
 My anger slowly turned into frustration...then creeped in sadness which slowly turned into depression...What hurt the most was I didn't know how to channel my energy and heartache...

I had no outlet...

It was hard for me to express how I felt and have people understand... 

Because nobody did...

So I always lied about how I was was easier, people understood when I said ...

" I'm Great"
"I'm Fine" 
"Things are Good" 

When it actual fact I was crumbling inside.... 
The person I thought I was I was no longer...and thought of that disturbed me! Because I always liked who I was...and changing who I was just wasn't appealing to me so I resisted! of course came more pain and heartache... 

Depression really striped me bare...
It allowed me to for once get in touch with my feelings and except them ...
It revealed to me how strong I am as a human but also as a spiritual being...
And surprisingly it brought forth many things that I wouldn't of known if I hadn't gone through this. 


Firstly you have to completely except that your depressed....
Some days I would be in denial because I actually felt "fine" some days but I wasn't really, once I finally came to terms with my depression I felt a slight shift. 

Seek Help
I went to my doctors after months of putting it off, he helped me tons and gave me loads of useful information and advice. 

Find a Outlet
I indulged DEEPLY in prayer and spirituality it's been something I've always been curious about...
I started and explored yoga and meditation (this was a huge life changer for me) as soon as I started I was addicted I saw HUGE differences within myself and my life!
I felt lighter was more mind slowed down and thinking wasn't so torturous. 

You Need To Vent 
I kept a dairy because I didn't really think I could tell anyone how I truly felt, writing my thoughts down was a huge relief and was soooooo therapeutic! It also gave me a opportunity to see my growth throughout the weeks and months. 

Get Out The House
I spent a huge amount of time in nature, I would visit parks often and just sit and BREEAATTTHHHHH (I still do this) 
...Sometimes I would meditate...sometimes I would pray... sometimes just people watch. 

Change your diet 
You are what you eat!

Stay Busy
Despite being as depressed  I still carried on modelling just on a smaller scale  (because honestly that's what made me happy) I took control and created my own projects I worked with fellow creatives that inspired me. - I'm still doing this now and it feel amazing! 

I can only put my cure down to God...& his mercy....
Not to mention the universe has shown me time and time again that my purpose isn't finished here on earth.

With suffering from depression I have been introduced to the wonders of LIFE, the magnificence, the betrayal, true happiness, heartbreak, sorrow, laughter, sadness and true love.  I have searched everywhere for the answers to who and what I am,  to my surprise I eventually realised that the guidance and answers I so desired were actually already present within myself. 
 I am CURED.
Only my mind can entertain such things like depression and anxiety my spirit knows and has experienced better!

Coming out of my depression I found my truth and my purpose in life...AND IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!  I'm excited about changing my story and writing a happier, stronger and more meaningful chapter in my life. 

If your going through depression firstly I hope sharing my story has made you realise you are not alone...Better days are to follow and depression will pass... 
You just have to allow it too... 

Depression doesn't care what your name is... 
How old you are... 
How much money you have or make... 
Who your friends and family are... 
Where you live... 
or what you have 

 ... Love & Light
"A person often meets there destiny on a road they tired to avoid"

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