Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Inside Out by Anastasia Amour

Although It's Her Persona is a very fashion/style focused blog before social media I was definitely a self confessed book worm, I LOVED and adored books and in all honestly I still do. 
If my handbag happens to be big enough normally I travel with a novel or there's one downloaded onto my phone. Being dyslexic reading has really helped simulate my brain, broadened my vocabulary and overall helped with my reading and writing, reading has benefited me in so many ways. As a result of that I've decided that every month I will read a inspirational, positive, self healing or self help novel as part of my #MindBodySoul series I'm doing on my blog. Self help spiritual books are the books that I love to indulge in the most,  I would like to encourage all my readers to read and inject your mind with things that are positive and beneficial to your growth in this world. I hope you find these book reviews useful and I'm looking forward to introducing you to every book I read from here on out. 


I was so happy when Anastasia Writer, Strategist, Activist and one of my favourite people on Twitter  tweeted saying she was looking for people to review her NEW novel.

Inside out is a 14 day guide to help you shed negativity and transform the way you see yourself, immediately I thought it only takes 14 DAYS NONSENSE! 

But as I started reading I grew more and more impressed. I started to noticed how much the book was filled with so much passion and love, I was completely taken back by the letter Anastasia's mother wrote about her, it somewhat reminded me of the things my mother would say about me I thought it was beautiful!!! and such an amazing way to start a novel. This book is very focused on self hate, body confidence and image and Anastasia begins to state with real figures on how this issue effects women in our day and age, I was shocked! Although I would properly hate to admit it I am 100% included in the figures she stated in the book, I've had moments in my life where I've hated the way I've looked, and that is 100% a action of self hate, in reality I would consider myself a "confident person"  but just like everyone else I have day in which I can feel a little insecure about myself it's natural. 
I think her book is more based on if this is a ongoing attack with yourself and your body, but I still believe at any stage of insecurity this would be a helpful read.  Anastasia explains if you can change the way you THINK you can change anything! With reading this book and practising positive behaviour habits at the end of the 14 days she promises that you would have transformed yourself from within and revolutionised the way you see yourself and your body. 

Each chapter attacks that hate you feel so much for yourself, it broken down and in a language which is easy for you to understand and relate too, What I liked is she included all body shapes, figures and sizes, believe it or not us slim thangs ALSO can feel some type of way about the way we look especially if we are made to feel bad about it. This book is not a normal novel, it educates, helps, test and loves you all at the same time! I am so happy I took time out to read such a novel by such an inspirational and beautiful soul, that cares so much for the wellbeing of others. Anastasia has used her hard and difficult personal experiences and  produced something so positive from that. 
The proof is evidently in the pudding IT WORKS because look at her now! 

Thank you Anastasia for allowing me to trust and love books again your novel has not only opened my eyes but helped me to realise that I AM ENOUGH and who cannot except that just doesn't deserve to be in my world. My slim, athletic big boobed long legged structure is wonderfully and beautifully made by my creator and now I will love and embrace it whole heartily. I now hope that all my readers will be able to also take something from your book and your beautiful story, I wish you all the best in the future! 

Your wonderful GIRL! 

Anastasia kindly presented me with a discount code for ALL my readers so you also can get hold of her amazing novel Inside Out which isn't out yet but keep yourself updated by connecting with her on social media and her website 

Don't forget to tweet her to say Thank you. 

This novel gets a 10/10 for me! Why? 

- It's educational 

- Positive

- It Helps 

- There task and thing to think about 

- It short and quick to read
- Written in a way which is easy to understand and very relatable. 

*This is not a paid for sponsored post, ALL options are my own*